About Us


JT: Founder/Chairman
In 2006 JT became one of the founding members of YouPorn, one of the original porn tube-sites. Instrumental in it’s Global success he became one of the leading figures in changing the adult industry forever. In January 2011 he set in motion the creation of our Adult Production Company, teaming up to create what is now FAKEhub/SEXYhub. Father of eight children, piano maestro, a man who once decorated his Lamborghini with a YouPorn wrap, JT is also a (Fake) Chef who spends much time in the kitchen cooking up culinary delights and sometimes chopping off the tip of a finger. His hobbies include videoing himself waxing his nostrils and regularly shaving his testicles.

Lew: Co-founder/sheep shagger
Lew began shooting porn in 2001 when London-based Top-Shelf magazine photographer Viv Thomas brought him on-board to create a new video brand for the company. He established himself as one of the leading directors of high-quality, original lesbian content and became a prolific producer of erotic films for Playboy TV. Lew co-founded the production company with JT in January 2011. Welsh person, a man of many parts, and ageing so badly over the last 10 years that he’s had to change his passport 4 times, Lew enjoys creating porn, watching porn, good food, movies, and “accidentally” going into ladyboy bars. Once accidentally shat himself on a long-haul flight.

Joe: CEO/Social Media Manager
Appointed as one of the youngest CEOs in the business as well as continuing his role as Social Media Manager, Joe has been an important part of the team since 2016. He is often found hanging around the make-up room, girls shower rooms and bedrooms under the guise of “capturing backstage content” on one of his many phones. Joe’s general enthusiasm, good nature and ability to understand the business has quickly earned him great respect in the adult community. Originally from Herne Bay in Kent, Joe’s hobbies include football, dank memes, sliding into Whatsapp chats with the hottest models in Europe and spending 17 hours of screen-time a day on his phone.


Martin Gun: Director/Cameraman
Former performer and undiagnosed psychopath, Martin is the man behind the camera and director of many of the scenes you see on FAKEhub and SEXYhub. Martin spends much time on set building tracks, setting up a RED CAM rig so big it takes three men to hold it, and reminding all the male talent that he has a bigger dick than they do. When he’s not flying his drone dangerously high over the city of Prague, Martin can be found sitting next to a tripod browsing the internet while two naked girls make sweet love to each other.

Alis Locanta: Director/Cameraman
Alis Locanta is an Award Winning Director who has shot many of the porn scenes you will have come across (literally) over the years. Versatile, patient, multitalented and general great guy, Alis has been shooting content on SEXYhub since early 2019. He’s an important part of our production crew and models love him, backstage staff love him, and we love him…even though he’s Italian.

Dick Bush: Director/Cameraman
Dick Bush is a UK-based Award Winning Director working in the industry since 2004 and part of our production team creating scenes for both SEXYhub/FAKEhub. Imaginative, creative, funny, this is a man who has written a book, made his own short films, has his own Sketch Show starring Porn Models, and has a space ship in his attic.

Cage: Lighting Technician and Production Assistant
Cage (aka Kimbo) joined us in 2013 and quickly became a very important part of our production team. Known by almost everyone in Prague he is a very quiet and calm presence on set, with a body comparable with Stallone’s in First Blood Part II, he is often admiring the male talents bodies and giving them subtle compliments like “Dude you have a great body, want to get a beer sometime?” Kimbo spends more time on set than almost anyone, he’s also our general handyman and go-to guy for a plethora of tasks to keep the production machine turning.

Gnosis: Photographer
Take the most laid back person you know, multiply that by 420 and you get the Hip-hop listening artist known as Gnosis. Inexplicably irresistible to Russian girls, he spends much of his time browsing Facebook while the rest of the crew carry lights around, build sets and discuss the ideas ahead. Gnosis is a photoshop guru who was headhunted by Instagram to make filters until FAKEhub offered him a much more enjoyable job taking Photo Sets of naked people fucking! Gnosis starting carrying a camera on our sets in 2017 and we love having him as part of the team.

Adela: Photographer
Fitness fanatic and all-round babe, Adela is often mistaken for a model when she’s working. Dividing her time between Bali and Europe, and very much a team player, Adela is at her best when she’s happily snapping away at the incredible models that grace our sets. She joined us as a Photographer in 2018, arriving without a camera or a laptop, we were so staggered at her lack of preparation we put a camera in her hands and didn’t look back. Adela has proven to be someone with creativity, determination, grit and an eye for detail.

Kety Pearl: Makeup Artist
Gorgeous, caring and sweet, Lucie has been on the team since 2016. Gifted with film-star level beauty, this former-model is a wonderful smiling presence on our productions. Lucie is an artist with a brush, incredibly talented and versatile, she is in part responsible for just how completely lovely the girls look on camera. When she’s not accidentally touching the girls breasts or asking for their number “as a friend” she can be found in her kitchen quietly opening her second bottle of white wine.

Heli Berry: Admin
Helena is often first on set and last one to leave. Her job is tireless and stressful. Most of the day she can be heard in her office screaming at the printer, screaming into the phone, and screaming with her head held in her hands wondering how another model lost the door key. In her calmer moments Helena enjoys cycling, Jägermeister, and the stream of compliments models give her about her ass.


Nikki: Model Agent
Founder of NikkisModels, one of the largest European Model Agencies in operation, mother of two beautiful kids, beauty queen and lover of fashion, Nikki has been managing of our Production Schedule since 2015. Responsible for an absolutely mammoth task, Nikki coordinates each and every scene that we shoot each month, as well as bringing in models from every corner of Europe. Essential to the team, she works tirelessly to bring you the best girls in the biz!

Nikkis ‘right hand woman’, Veronika is also responsible for coordinating and bringing everyone together on time so Production can flow and the content-creation cogs can turn. Spending around 75% of every waking hour on the phone messaging 100s of models in multiple languages, while reminding models 7 times what time they’re meant to arrive and then having to find a replacement at the last minute because they forgot to take their passport to the airport.


Pete: Editor
Pete has been a Video Editor in the adult sphere since 2004. He also spent some time shooting content in London, Budapest, Portugal and Spain with Lew. He joined the post-production team in 2012, at the time editing all the content for Lesbea. Since then he has become a senior figure on the post-production team, overseeing the SEXYhub release schedule and making sure all the TV and VOD orders are fulfilled. Having edited a huge amount of our content, Pete has likely spent more hours watching porn than most people. His hobbies include slippers, carefully brewing coffee to perfection and wearing cardigans.

XXXVideoEditor: Editor
Joining the post-production team in 2012, Leroy started editing PublicAgent content before turning his fingers to cutting scenes for all the FAKEhub brands. A prolifically hard worker, Leroy has an encyclopedic knowledge of porn and handles a lot of our tube site uploads. Lover of big breasts and blurring work, Leory is a sandwich eater and a man with the upper body strength of a Scandinavian Worlds Strongest Man competitor. On his days off he likes to fly his drone and support a failing Premiership football team. Leroy is an instrumental part of our post-production operation.

Studly Smalls: Editor
Danny came on board in 2014 to work alongside Pete on the SEXYhub brands. Having treaded the boards for many years, Danny comes from a theatrical background, a poet, gamer and ‘arteest,’ a man of many talents – he hosts a podcast, runs a DnD group, and drives a virtual lorry through Europe to deliver timber. An avid collector of modern memorabilia and a man of culture, Danny lists WWE Wrestling, Anime and Comic Books among his interests.

Dick Delong: Editor
Dick D started editing for us in 2014 working on our Girlfriends and FakeAgent brands, taking a break for a couple of years to make his own short and feature length films (non-porn) which were released on mainstream household platforms before returning to join the FAKEhub post-production team. The allure of incredibly hot European babes was just too much to resist and we were relieved to have him back.