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    The date was August 1st 2012, and I was embarking on my full-time porn editing journey.  After a few months working part-time on Fake Agent, I was brought onboard to take the reins as the lead video editor on Public Agent.

    Denisa Heaven

    I was given a 24 inch iMac, Final Cut Pro 7, a G-Speed hard-drive and a batch of ten brand new Public Agent videos to crack on with.

    The very first video that I began to edit was with a redheaded model called Denisa Heaven.  She was spotted looking lost on the streets of Prague by Public Agent and he went to work on convincing her of his modelling agency story.


    When she finally fell for his story and charm, the sex took part in an underground car park, where Denisa sucked on Public Agent’s big fat cock before riding him in between the parked cars.

    I was from here on in, that I had my first experience of blurring car number plates.  Something I would go on to do hundreds of times during the last 8 years editing both Public Agent and Fake Taxi videos.

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    I remember this scene, Martin Gun accidentally creampies her at the end and she chases him through the car park with her panties around her knees! The early Public Agent scenes were madness.

    What’s your all-time favourite Public Agent XXXVideoEditor??

    That’s like asking who is my favourite child!
    We all have favourites 😉  I like Anissa Kate’s and Stacy Cruz personally
    The Rita Peach Public Agent scene was one of the first and still sticks in my mind…

    The Ava Dalush’s Public Agent scene is still a classic!

    Also this one >> https://www.fakehub.com/scene/4070021/teen-blonde-with-the-real-big-boobs

    Dick DeLonge
    I broke my PublicAgent editing cherry wayyy back in 2015. It was my first foray into the FakeHub world after crossing the divide from SexyHub.

    I remember watching the opening and thinking ‘This guy has massive balls just going up to women on the street”. As I edited the scene I discovered he did, in fact, have massive balls.

    Hundreds (I think! I mean, I haven’t counted them recently but it must be close) of scenes later I still enjoy seeing all of his different adventures. And the boobies.

    You can check my first scene out here.

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