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    During the summer of 2017 we started shooting for FAKE HOSTEL. The concept was something unique and quite different in style to many of the other brands in FAKEhub. I wanted to create something quirky, funny, colourful, comic-like, slightly off-beat and ever so slightly creepy. The series would draw influence from all different kinds of movies and anime, more than anything we wanted something fun and incomparable to surround these really erotic and hardcore sex scenes.

    When we started shooting the first scenes it really felt like we were creating something original, it’s always relaxed and fun on our sets, we like to keep it that way, but this took it to the next level. Every single day cast and crew were rolling in laughter. It quickly gained a reputation even before it was launched, as actors and actresses spoke to one other on other sets asking “…have you shot a Fake Hostel scene yet!”

    Here’s a series of SFW bloopers, we have loads of these so I’ll keep posting them here including some of the more NFSW ones!

    Do you guys like these kinds of outtakes? I love them because they really show how much fun the models have with us, and some of the laughter is quite contagious. If you enjoy these kinds of backstage videos let us know!

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    • This topic was modified 4 years, 3 months ago by Lew.
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