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    One of the most popular Fake Hostel scenes we’ve made so far was this scene, with Cherry Kiss, Katy Rose and Michael Fly. I had an idea that involved someone being stuck under a bed, after seeing some crazy Japanese porn that had a girl pretending to be stuck in a wall! I rememember filming this scene and before we even started shooting the sex part we shot about 45mins of footage, and we were all in stitches laughing, it was really so much fun! Katy Rose spent so long under that bed so I’m over-joyed the scene did so well.

    After filming I went back to my hotel to review the footage like I usually do, and I tweeted out that I think we might have filmed my all-time favourite Fake Hostel scene. I just knew it was special, I had the feeling even before we began filming it, and it was amplified during as we were shooting.

    To date this has racked up more than 50 MILLION views on Pornhub!

    I wonder what it was about this one that captured people’s attention so much?

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