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    Part of the editing process is having to make sure that I blur any number plates that appear during a video.  It’s one of the main jobs we do as FAKEhub editors.  It can at times be very time consuming to make sure that every number plate is blurred.

    So you can imagine my horror when our FakeCop decided to take a walk through a car scrap yard during one of his conquests.

    There were hundreds of cars piled on top of each other with many number plates on display.  This edit took a while.  I even had to send the first draft to all my editing colleagues to make sure that I had not missed any…and I had done.  This scene was definitely a team effort!

    The scene starred Chessie Kay >> SEE IT HERE

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    The amount of license plates on display here is giving me anxiety.
    Dick DeLonge
    Whilst this isn’t FakeCop (I never had the pleasure!), I remember a PublicAgent scene from back in 2015 that gave me a fright when opening up the footage to find a lot of car number plates that turned into a walk past lots of adverts and then sex outside a bank. But this is also what makes PublicAgent so great! Any time, any place. It features Jasmine Jae, so well worth a look!

    Watch the scene here

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