Kayla Green and the Budapest Man

When Jay Hard got into the back of the Female Fake Taxi, I thought how have they managed to get Ming the Merciless to appear in a porn video. This guy is a dead ringer for Flash Gordon’s nemesis. The driver today was the busty blonde Kayla Green.

She really does have a fantastic pair of front bumpers on her. Jay Hard was looking to go to the centre of Prague for some business. But Kayla was more interested in having some fun with this guy from Budapest. I’m always interested to see how the storylines for Female Fake Taxi pan out.

I tried to guess how Kayla was going to get Jay Hard to agree to having sex with her in her taxi. She didn’t need to use too much persuasion to get Mr Hard to get his cock out and start masturbating on the backseat.


My favourite parts of Female Fake Taxi comedy sequences are when the passenger has to reach around and play with the driver tits whilst she is still driving. I wonder how many other drivers have actually seen the Fake Taxi driven around Prague and caught an eyeful of tit.

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