Long legs Russian in lingerie

I’ve edited a couple of scenes now with this dude and he’s a bit lifeless, here’s another scene of his where the opening could have done with a rocket up its arse or just a bit of encouragement. There’s romantic and there’s pedestrian. It happens, not every scene can be “Electricity” with Brittany Bardot and George (if you’ve not seen it do yourself a favour and watch this).

With scenes like this I try to do what I can in the edit: trim it a fair bit and try to give it a bit of pace and energy but I can’t go overboard or there’d be nothing left.

I’ve cut out quite a bit of the wide shot too, I think it’s too wide, I want to get a bit closer to the action, sometimes I zoom these shots in where possible. Marilyn Sugar, let’s just say she doesn’t have the most natural look shall we? But one thing she can’t fake is that she is clearly into the dude’s big cock, and the feeling of it sliding all the way in and out of her tight, grippy pussy lips. Certainly distracted me a few times from the task in hand.

Live Date:01/27/20

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