My Body will Pay for My Lessons

I believe this is the first time I have edited a Lucy Heart porn video. I’ve pretty sure I would have remembered this blonde stunner. She has decided to use FDS as her driving instructor company and her instructor is the very dashing Kristof Cale.


Miss Heart meets Kristof in an empty car park, which is the ideal place to let Lucy get behind the wheel of a car for the very first time. Kristof takes his time to explain how the car works before taking her for spin around the car park.

When it’s time for Lucy to have a go at driving, it soon becomes obvious that she is going to need a lot of lesson before she can be let loose on the roads. Lucy explains that she has enough money to cover 15 lessons. Kristof does very well not to burst out laughing but tells her that that is not enough. She will need at least 40 lessons before putting her in for her test.

Lucy Heart has not got that kind of money as she is still studying at university. She makes Kristof an offer that he cannot refuse. She uses her body to gain some extra free tuition.

Lucy Heart has a fantastic body and looks very sext dressed in black underwear. I’m hoping to be editing more of her scenes very soon…please.

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