Josephine Jackson backstage!

If there’s one girl that has totally rocked the FAKEhub & SEXYhub worlds in recent times it’s Josephine Jackson. One word: MOUNTAINS. I have quite a bit of backstage goodness from the studio to show you so I won’t waste any time.

Here’s a quality Taxi melons backstage clip at the Fake Taxi. This is Josephine’s ride she took earlier in the year which is available here. For members, try searching ‘huge natural boobs bounce’ and you’ll find it, but I’m sure most of you have enjoyed it as it’s a trending scene!

JJ has enjoyed a few stays at the Fake Hostel now and one of her most well-know is Stuck In A Washing Machine. This episode has crept into the top 10 most like episodes EVER! Huge achievement considering it only came out December of 2019! If you haven’t seen it, check here. If you’re a member, search ‘Stuck In A Washing Machine’. Here’s a little teaser we got backstage for you guys:

Not forgetting Josephine’s simply incredible oily Massage Rooms. If you thought those puppies looked good dry, wait til you see them oiled up and smashing Josephine’s clients in the face. Here’s a small excerpt of her doing just that (not sure why Ricky is pretending to not enjoy himself, he actually finished prematurely in this scene.

So are you gagging to see Josephine in all her glory now or what? Click the links below and enjoy:

Josephine’s FAKEhub scenes

Josephine’s SEXYhub scenes

April 3, 2020


I run the FAKEhub & SEXYhub social media, as well as overseeing production at the studio. I have a Studio blog where I post FAKE Forum exclusive backstage videos. Have a request? Let me know in the forum!

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