Rae Lil Black – Raemageddon!

If our first Fake Forum blogs should be dedicated to anyone, it would be that Japanese beauty Rae Lil Black. She’s taken a few Taxis, stayed many times at the Hostel and also met that perv with a camera the Public Agent. Not to mention Massage Rooms & Lesbea. Rae was the top searched model in 2019, and there’s no surprise there!

An angel sent from hell as she’d be happy for us to say, Rae has loves heavy metal music, gaming, Mexican food, and is a true champion of our networks we are so proud to make content with and show you! In the bedroom Rae loves it rough, hard and deepthroating is a specialty with more spit than any model I’ve seen before! There’s not better scene to show this off than her Fake Hostels, available here!

Our trusty editor the XXXVIDEOEDITOR knocked up this backstage RAE supercut which I’m sure you’ll love!


What do you want to see Rae do next in the FAKE x SEXY networks? Let me know!

Rae’s SEXYhub scenes

Rae’s FAKEhub scenes

April 3, 2020


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