Home with Fiamurr During Lockdown

My 2nd solo lockdown edit for FAKEhub. This scene was shot in two parts and two different outfits (so it’s really two for one!). Featuring the lovely Fiamurr, the scene really feels like a window into her world, a sneak peek of what she really likes to get up to when she’s home alone! She’s also wearing some incredibly sexy lingerie (and with no logos in sight!)

Technically, there were a couple things to do here. The first was the sound was a little low (not the the orgasms though!) So I upped the volume to make sure you can hear everything clearly. Being shot next to a window can mean some colour changes, so when the footage went a little cool or warm, I just altered the colour slightly to match.


  1. Lew

    Fiamurr is flipping gorgeous! Hooooooleeeeeee Sheeeeeeeeet.

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