Pretty young girl masturbates alone

So this was certainly an interesting edit! A solo shoot filmed by the girl’s housemate while they are quarantined at home during the pandemic. Okay, we’ve had a couple of those, but this one is interesting because Sienna Kim is totally new! We’ve got a true amateur here and from this tantalising teaser we can see she’s going to go far (when she can finally leave the house). Sienna is all natural and has a very endearing shyness that quickly evaporates as she discovers just how fun it is to tease her pretty pussy for us. Oh, and one more thing, despite being given explicit instructions not to – this video was shot in portrait mode *facepalm* so my job as editor was to reframe and make sure all the best action was still captured in classic 1080p landscape! I won’t complain though, I’m excited to see how Sienna Kim performs on set with our production team as soon as she gets the chance.

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