Teen girls

Teens, why are they so popular? I think essentially the enduring appeal is that as you get older they stay the same age. It’s not so much the pert bodies that stay exactly where they are when they are disrobed. Nor the tight and soft pink pussies that beg to be licked or stretched by a cock. I think it’s more that they remind you of a carefree time of unlimited potential, when your whole life was ahead of you and you could be anything you wanted to be. You could even try porn for a bit without any worries that it might not be the right thing for you.
This compilation features one of only 2 scenes we shot with Anny Aurora, I wonder what happened to her? I thought she was pretty good.
It also features an early Lady Dee scene, on the website someone has commented with authority “Not a teen.” But she was 19 when the scene was shot. You do the math.
What makes a teen in porn? Is it that they are legally a teen or that they look like a teen? Also what happens to women in porn when they are in that tricky, non-existent age between teen and milf? Presumably the work dries up a bit.

Live Date:07/07/20

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