Girls Finishing The Job

Is there a much greater disappointment in porn than a guy in the depths of sexual abandon with a beautiful woman and being all “Oh yeah…oh, oh, I’m close…ahhh…I’m coming!” And then pull out only to stand before her and frantically shake his stick or very specifically and precisely manipulate the bellend for about 10 mins before dribbling some reluctant spunk on her chin. Fuck that shit.
This is a healthy comp of guys that can handle being handled.
It feels better having someone else finish you off, it’s a bit like how the exact same sandwich tastes better if someone made it for you. It’s not the way you would have made it, the way you usually like it, but that’s the point. Sometimes she might surprise you and spread a bit of mustard on it or slip a few slices of gherkin inside and you’d never thought of that before. (I’m still talking about the sandwich).
George gets so excited in his Massage Rooms scene with two amazing women jerking him off that he spunks on his own face! Not often you see something like that. Or for that matter a cameraman taking some “friendly fire”.

Live Date:07/07/20

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