Big Ass

“I like big butts and I cannot lie” so confessed Sir Mix-A-Lot echoing the heartfelt sentiments of Brian May a decade earlier. I like a butt as much as the next man, and often a big butt, but, (see what I did there) the arousal a butt evokes does not directly relate to the size, I think it gets to a certain point and then it’s like the uncanny valley in cgi animation, we don’t want them any bigger.
Is Canela’s too big? Maybe. I can appreciate she’s not for everyone but when I see some of the shit she does in her massage rooms scene it boggles my mind.
It’s not a question of “I don’t think I’d last 5 seconds”, it’s more like I think my cock would probably explode if it got within 10 metres of her ass.
There are some asses for the ages here: Ria (could crack walnuts), Amirah Adara (could crack a safe), Kiara Strong (could crack the enigma code).

Live Date:08/20/20

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