Real Couples

Real couples. In porn. Typically the woman is the professional porn star and the man is the amateur, stepping in front of the lights and camera for the first time. What we might find is a guy who is slightly flabby, with a small (average) penis, and no charisma who has somehow managed to coax a phenomenal woman to sleep with him habitually.
While the lovely lady flicks her hair, bites her lip and arches her back, he looks like he’s waiting for a bus that’s at least 20 minutes late.
I guess they are perfectly normal men but it’s a bit of a jolt from the limited variety of muscular dicks that we are used to handling.
George & Haven? Yes, I didn’t believe it either but it was confirmed to me by the director that they were indeed a couple at the time. How’s about that bit of porn trivia?

Live Date:10/29/2020

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