Pillow Fighting Trouble Makers

I’m back in the world of the Fake Hostel.  I really enjoy creating these videos.  It requires a little bit of imagination and puzzle solving sometimes.

When I am given the footage for Fake Hostel I’m not always given the storyline, so  after looking through all the footage, I need to figure out what the directors thoughts are when making this video.

To be honest, this one was relatively simple to work out.  Michael Fly is doing his best to study for his upcoming exams.  But, in the room next to him are the gorgeous, Jennifer Mendez and Lenna Ross.

Jennifer and Lenna are really enjoying themselves and having a pillow.  It’s too much noise for Michael to deal with and he need to confront them!

What happens in this excellent threesome is a mixture of lesbian lust and hardcore fucking.

Let’s just say that Michael Fly is certainly a fucking lucky guy.

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