Tattoo Babe Likes It Rough

Well, this is a mess. I don’t mean the edit, but the situation Megan Inky finds herself in. After jumping into the taxi, with her boobs already well and truly out! She frantically explains that her lovers girlfriend caught her fucking her boyfriend. Did you get that? Right, so after Megan calms down, she remembers she had something very special in her handbag, a big floppy dildo she sticks to the cab window and begins sucking, just to tease our cabbie! Needless to say, he’s well on board for some fun!

The interior cameras moved about a fair bit in this scene, so I had to move my region blurs about a fair bit to keep them in place. We’re operating in the real world and I’ve learned since doing this job that advertising is EVERYWHERE.

Catch Megan’s scene on FAKEhub 1st January 2021!

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