Aislin. So sexy. Different from a lot of the typical glamorous porn models. Naturally sexy. No fake nails, hair extensions or duck faces. If you say she’s not hot I will fight you, full fisticuffs, cobbles, the works. Name a place and time. Obviously after the coronavirus restrictions are lifted. And presuming you’re not harder than me.
Here’s a bunch of her scenes from Lesbea, Massage Rooms, Fitness Rooms and MOM. Some exceptional moments here. I highly recommend her Lesbea scene with Honour May, hadn’t seen that before, so enjoyed going through it. And one of my favourite ever edits: Aislin & Alexis scene “Tongue fucking girls share fantasy”. Just the way she says “I had a dream” is so fucking hot it makes me almost involuntarily mess my pants.
Check out her lockdown solo if you haven’t already, it features some of her own artwork. (Of course she paints instead of wasting her life on Instagram and TikTok).

Live Date:11/19/20

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