First Time Anal Before Wedding

Alyssa Bounty gets her arse hole fucked by a dirty taxi driver in this new FakeTaxi video.  I really enjoyed this scenario.  Alyssa was running a little late to get to a wedding.  She asked politely if she could change clothes in the back of the cab.  Of course the taxi driver was not going to have any issue with that at all!

Alyssa gets changed into a very pretty dress, but she still needed to apply her make up.  This became very difficult for her to do whilst going over the bumpy roads.  The taxi driver mentioned that he used to be a make up artist for a cosmetics studio.

Not even I would believe that, but Alyssa trust him and they found a nice quiet place to pull over and get the make up done.  I’m not sure how she gets turned on by a guy applying her make up, but this scene becomes an anal fuck fest with the driver getting balls deep into her tight little butthole.

December 18, 2020

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