Fake Hostel your Girlfriend is my Girlfriend

Editing Fake Hostel videos is a lot of fun.  I’m sent plenty of footage to play with and putting it all together as seemlessly as possible is what I enjoy the most about editing porn (apart from all the tits and ass that it),

Zuzu Sweet and Mary Jane star in this new Fake Hostel scene that sees them both getting fucked by a muscular guy.  Mary Jane is the first to be fucked, but when her ‘girlfriend’ can hear her riding a big fat cock, Zuzu goes to investigate.

Mary Jane denies any wrong-doing and explains that he was just masturbating.  But what Zuzu doesn’t realise is that the muscular guy is hiding in the bathroom. He is only discovered when she shoots his load unexpectedly over the two babes as they have oral sex together.

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