Blonde Fucked Behind Train Station

Hot blonde Lily Joy is waiting for her train when she’s approached by two strangers. After a little conversation, our Czech translator gets right to the point. His buddy works for a model agency and they think she is just perfect.

After convincing her with some choice words and a big wad of cash, she’s shows off her body right there and then behind the train station, showing off her great tits and ass. Tempted by another offer of copious amounts of money, she let’s our guy fuck her in the nearby woods.

Fairly simple edit this one, not too many logos, just the odd train passing (which you’d expect at a, you know, train station). They were lucky enough to get ideal exterior shooting conditions as well (usually can’t rely on the weather!) so it made my life much easier when correcting the footage.

Watch this scene from 8th March!

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