Cheeky Sexy Passenger Gets Fucked

Usually with Big Dave at the wheel of our taxi, he usually does most of the talking. Not today, I think he may have met his match. Riding today is Lady Bug, or Buggy to her friends (and taxi drivers). Buggy isn’t afraid to call Big Dave out when he says his smashed window is totally fine.

Particularly after he says he doesn’t take card (I mean, everyone does these days, right??) she questions the legality of driving around with a smashed window. You could cut the sexual tension between them with a knife, so Big D hops in the back and gives Buggy everything he’s got.

Nothing too special here with the edit, I had to tweak the colour once or twice with the light changing a little from time to time and blur the windows. Standard Fake Taxi edit!

Catch Buggy on FAKEhub on 25th March 2021!

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