Big ass Latina in bodystocking

This could easily be mistaken for a Sex Working scene. The scenario, the lighting, the mood. If this is your kind of scene you will DEFINITELY like Sex Working on the Deviante network.
This opens with Max as if he is drunkenly ordering a pizza, instead he’s ordering a high class escort. I’d stick with the 3 cheese if I were 3 sheets to the wind. Maybe he meant margarita and his double Id made the call for Medusa instead. I once stood next to a man at a wedding bar who ordered “3 dominatrix” (he meant Desperados).
Medusa does a Sharon Stone around the 2 minute mark, and at the 12 minute mark she does a, well I’m not sure what she does, I thought she was about to go into convulsions.

Live Date:06/29/21

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