Blonde Russian in black stockings

Bit of an odd scenario here, there’s a chess set on the table but there seems no attempt to play while all the while there’s a weird, wordless tension in the air.
I found this one a bit tricky to edit, it is dominated by a roaming camera and sharp adjustments here and there to framing mean I’m kind of prevented from cutting the typical Sexyhub way, some of them, I can’t really do anything about, if I cut them out what remains is going to be a bit of a mess.
She gives a blowjob with pursed lips, I’m not a fan. Is that a limitation of her lips or jaw or is it a question of technique?
I remember shooting with a model who couldn’t eat pussy like we wanted her to because she claimed she had a very short tongue, I was young and jaded but she was such a pro in every respect that it would have been a dick move to not believe her.

Live Date:07/27/21

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