Sensual massage for sexy model

Mia Trejsi, she seems like she’d probably make a good Instagram model and I expect you could watch her small but perfectly formed breasts being massaged for the best part of an hour, fortunately there’s a bit more to this scene than that.
Had a few struggles here and there to get the best out of this one, she’s very quiet and I’ve had to really boost the volume so we can hear her. I assume she’s enjoying it, being in front of a camera that will immortalise this she maybe could show it a bit more. As I was working I almost said “come on love, put a bit of minge round it!”
And the camera could be a bit more dynamic, to help her out, I think she needs it. It’s all a bit locked off tripod style for my tastes which also means it’s hard to cut a dynamic trailer from it, sure I’ve bored on about that before.

Live Date:09/16/21

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