Interracial lesbian facesitting sex

Quite a refreshing and unique set-up to this scene with some shots under the bed covers, an interesting idea. It’s something new and different in our scenes so I’ll give it the thumbs up. Hang on, that was a bit too positive wasn’t it? OK, personally I’m not a huge fan of separated close-ups like this, I prefer to see the body and face at the same time. I don’t get particularly aroused at the sight of a pussy, I’m more interested in who it belongs to.
Though there is something about the quality of image under the covers that keeps me interested. I think it’s all the Hollywood dream sequences, or that Veruca Salt video. The brilliant white background that bounces a magical glow on everything underneath.
Rest of the scene is not bad at all, decent models here, smoke ’em while you got ’em.

Live Date:10/23/21

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