Beautiful Asian and Czech lesbians

Bit of a reedy feel to the set isn’t it? There’s more wicker on view than a box set of Whicker’s World. Maybe it was donated from a nearby prison. Not sure if I’ve edited a scene with Poopea aka Polly Pons before. It’s obviously a cultural thing with the name, I can’t imagine any European giving themselves a nickname with “poop” in it. Although in this day and age…(old man huff and grumble).
The shots with her fingers under her panties are quite nice. She makes those panties look like an inviting tent I’d very much like to stay the night in. Not so keen on the “Lucky you” tattoo though. That would put me right off I think, not so much the narcissism but I’d get caught up imagining all of the other “lucky you’s” that have been before.

Live Date:11/23/21

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