Teen lesbians facesitting orgasm

Quite a comical moment in the scenario where Eve plays the guitar atrociously and Jenny becomes aroused as if enchanted by a siren song. I tried some different music beds but nothing was as effective as just leaving the natural sound. Personally I think the awful playing is a charade, Eve Sweet is like Les Dawson, you have to be good to play “bad” well. If you know what I mean. In reality she can rip that thing up like Bill Orcutt.
The women look similar enough for me to take a good 2 or 3 minutes looking back and forth between their passport photos and the shoot to confirm which is which. Eve is the one on the guitar. I think.
I know some people are going to have a problem with this. I think this is a good scene and the girls are amazing with incredible bodies but I suppose that just makes it worse that they don’t get fully naked. The look with clothes can be sexy, I get it, but you probably don’t need to milk it through the entirety of the scene.

Live Date:12/23/21

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